Someone asked me what I think great art is? To me, if it warms the heart, grabs you, so you take a closer look, or if it moves the spirit in some small way, I feel the artist has succeeded. I’m reminded of how the “instinctive need to transform experience into image” is one of the things I’ve recognized through living my artistic life on the coast of Maine. I realize “that the power of painting is dependent not only on my technical skills but, also upon my emotive powers”, and when you put that through the head, hands, and heart of an artist, you might come up with something that moves you.

I moved to Port Clyde eight years ago after 20 years of year-round living, with my lobstering, boat builder husband, on Monhegan Island.  Very much influenced by our coastal Maine home, as well as the years living and working as an artist on Monhegan Island, my work is a deep reflection of Maine’s beauty. It was on Monhegan that I  became a signature member into both the New England and Pennsylvania Watercolor Societies. I am also a Life Member of the Women Artist of Monhegan Island. My work has been published in a cookbook and on a novel, “Unexpected Forest”, published by Down East Books. I have exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the Northeast, from Pennsylvania to Port Clyde, Maine.

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